Journeyman Spirits

Journeyman is excited to offer handcrafted artisan spirits with a focus on whiskey. Our products are unique because we’re dedicated to producing something that takes time to craft and only utilize pure, organic ingredients. While whiskey is what we originally fell in love with, all of our products have a special place in our heart. Variety and quality are what motivate us. We’re excited about this adventure of the spirit; we hope you are too and that you’ll give all of our products a try.

Our products are currently available at Journeyman Distillery, 109 Generations Dr. Three Oaks, MI. Find your closest retail or restaurant location at our Where to Buy page, or check for availability online at Binny’s Beverage Depot.

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Traveling Barrel Information

Journeyman Distillery Traveling Barrel Program allows you to purchase a new whiskey barrel with the option of decorating the barrel before it is filled. You will be informed when your spirit has reached maturity and may then return to Journeyman Distillery to pick up your barrel and included bottles. The included bottles will come from your personal barrel. Aging times are only estimates, and completion of aging is subject to our distillers discretion. Options begin at $199. Please send an email to, for questions or download an application HERE.