barrel-aged perfection—just for you

Set your event apart with an experience the whole group can be a part of.

You love whiskey. You love your friends and family. Journeyman’s Traveling Barrel program lets you bring your favorite things together in a truly unique and memorable way!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a Journeyman spirit and barrel size (5, 15, 30, or 53 gal available)

  2. Decorate your new white oak barrel at your special event, at home, or wherever you feel inspired

  3. Return your decorated barrel to our Three Oaks distillery for filling and aging

  4. We’ll keep an eye on your barrel while your spirit ages to perfection and contact you when it’s ready to enjoy

  5. Take home your custom-bottled barrel-aged whiskey and decorated barrel

“if your friendships are as old as your whiskey you must be doing something right”


register your traveling barrel

Complete the form below to register your Traveling Barrel. If you haven’t purchased your barrel yet, please contact us for details!

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Please be sure to return your barrel to the distillery so that we can fill it!
You'll find the barrel number on the decorating instructions and written on the barrel. It should be a 7 digit number that starts with the year purchased.
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Aging times and yield vary by barrel size. 750ml bottle yield and approximate aging times listed by barrel volume below: 5 gal / 2 bottles / 6 mos 15 gal / 4 bottles / up to 2 yrs 30 gal / 6 bottles / 2+ years 53 gal / 8 bottles / 4+ years