Kissing Cousins Whiskey | organic & Kosher


  • Best Whiskey in Michigan, Esquire Magazine

Brand Story

This limited small batch spirit has all the character of our Featherbone Bourbon, with deep earthy notes from an extra finish in Dablon wine barrels.  This unique limited batch was created with the help of our friends down the road in Baroda, MI, at Dablon Winery whom provided us with both red & white wine barrels for aging.  Fittingly named Kissing Cousins because of the close proximity to the winery, this special release is truly a treat.

Product Information

  • Single-distillation from 70% organic corn / 25% organic wheat / 5% organic rye
  • Finished in Red & White Dablon Vineyards barrels
  • 45% abv / 90 proof
  • Blended to profile for each batch