Humdinger Jalapeno spirit | Organic & kosher


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Brand Story

Humdinger Jalapeno Spirit uses our W.R. White Whiskey as a base distilled along with locally grown jalapenos. The jalapenos macerate overnight in the rye whiskey base and are then distilled to capture the subtle notes of the peppers.  Produced on our smallest of three stills nicknamed “Tazzy”, Humdinger is produced in very small batches. Sometimes you need something different; something snappy and spicy and hot. This is your drink. It plays well with a Bloody Mary but we dare you to get creative. You’ll be surprised, for sure; this is a real Humdinger!

Product Information

  • Double-distillation from 60% organic rye / 40% organic Michigan wheat with fresh organic Jalapenos
  • 45% abv / 90 proof

Tasting Notes

Sweet, herbal, earthy, vegetal, very little heat more of the essence of the jalapeno.