W.R. Whiskey

Organic Whiskey

Back Label: This bottle is dedicated to the original journeymen: the ones who transformed the spirit of adventure. These men took risks and dreamt big; they were entrepreneurs in every sense of the word. With our W.R. Whiskey we salute all the journeymen that came before us.

Distiller’s Comments: The back label says it all, really. This whiskey has a story; it’s a tribute to my grandfather, William, and my father, Chuck, two men who blazed a path before me. They were risk takers and entrepreneurs and they have helped make me who I am today. W.R. is also a tribute to everyone who took a chance in life, big or small, win or lose. Share a bottle today with the ones you cherish.

Product Info: At 90-proof W.R. Whiskey is aged for less than 24 hours in new white oak barrels. W.R.’s mash bill is predominantly rye with a healthy dose of wheat, the same as our Last Feather Rye. This is a bright and floral whiskey with flavors shining through that are often masked by the barrel. Surprisingly soft on the palette for a new-make spirit, you experience the full flavors of the grain unmolested by the barrel. Tasting the raw characteristics of the rye and wheat is a special experience.

Best Enjoyed: With family of course!

Our products are currently available at Journeyman Distillery, 109 Generations Dr. Three Oaks, MI. Find your closest retail or restaurant location at our Where to Buy page, or check for availability online at Binny’s Beverage Depot.