Off the Water, September 29, 2011

Local Food: Distillery opening Oct. 7

Its name, from the 15th century Middle English, means “a worker who has learned a trade and works for another person usually by the day.”

It certainly describes the journey that Journeyman Distillery’s visionary distiller and owner Bill Welter has taken as an entrepreneur. However, it also describes, to his way of thinking, something more.

“It is about working your way up through the ranks, but ultimately the travel aspect of the name refers to people travelling here and then also the journey the grain takes from the field to our distillery, where it goes through the whole process into the barrels and spends quite a lot of time on its own journey,” he said.

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    That’s really cool and I’d love to do it. I have what I bieleve is a wonderful and original idea for a whiskey recipe (bourbon in this case b/c of the ingredients) and I researched a bit on how to start playing with it. Of course the end of the research was that it’s a felony in the US to even try to make whiskey so, there you go. I won’t be making the trip.

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